Thursday, April 28, 2011

Faculty Workshop

Mike Ramirez, Kim Humerickhouse, and I presented to the faculty on web 2.0 resources. We had fun and the faculty was engaged trying out the new sites. These were some the resources we shared - Internet Resources.  Check out these resources to add to your toolbox.


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Conference Friday April 15

Went to a wonderful conference Friday, KAPCOTE. Dr. Marlysue Holmquist and Marla Elmquist from Bethany College did a nice job of presenting innovative ideas they are doing in their education department partnering with K-12 teachers.  Some was confirmation of things we are doing and some new ideas to investigate.  Mike Rameriz and I presented as a fill for a presenter who was sick.  We had fun.  Mike is fun to present with.

Monday, April 4, 2011


The process of purchasing equipment for a district or university can be complicated or simple.  I have found that some vendors play games bashing their competitor and try to tell you what you want instead of listening to what you have specified is needed.  One such company new to the area is CSS.  Their sales person is a prime example of treating you like you are an idiot and he is smarter than you and needs to tell you what you need.  In the end, it is what the customer wants that is important.  Some vendors are great at consulting and supplying information without being condescending.  These are the vendors that one should deal with.  Companies such as CSS aren't interested in what is best for the organization but merely looking to sell you items you don't need.